The Yappiest of Hours at Rize Apartments

When my mother and I tell people that we own a full-service insurance agency in Huntington Beach, their immediate reaction is auto, renters, family protection –– you know, the usual stuff people think of when insurance comes to mind. But what most people don’t know is that we also sell pet health insurance plans.

Educating people about the benefits of pet health insurance is one of our mini passion projects, mostly because we’ve both incurred some seriously steep veterinary bills over the past decade. Hank is 12 now, and had I known at the time I rescued him that he’d struggle with separation anxiety and severe skin allergies, lose both eyes to glaucoma, and be diagnosed with liver cancer, I would have given my left kidney for a comprehensive pet insurance policy for him. Similarly, my mother spent years carting one of her purebred golden retrievers back and forth to a specialty clinic, spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on MRIs and medications to treat a very rare (and nearly impossible to diagnose) autoimmune disorder.

Unfortunately, back when our precious pups came into our lives, the choices for pet insurance were few and far between. Most policies charged a monthly fortune only to provide very limited basic coverage, so we both opted against them.

(Little did we know...)

Fortunately, they days of not having options are over.

Tonight, we had the utmost pleasure of hanging with our friends at Rize Apartments in Irvine for a fun-filled "Yappy Hour" event. Not only did we have the opportunity to educate their residents about the many invaluable benefits of pet health insurance through our trusted partner American Modern, we also met some cute new furry friends and raffled off a generous basket of goodies from Kriser's Natural Pet.

We weren’t about to let the sudden torrential downpour rain on our pawrade:

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